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The Pleasant Grove Baptist Church family feels honored to serve, and our prayer is that you would love to come and be a part of this fellowship as we move forward in the things of GOD.


This Church has a list of ministries that are centered on our mission statement. In all we do, we strive to educate on GOD'S word, edify one another, and evangelize. 


How Do I Get Involved at PGBC?

PGBC offers group ministries for everyone. We encourage each person to join both a group ministry or a serve team. 


Group ministry leaders are recognized and appointed by the Pastoral Leadership of the Church.

Group ministries are small groups made up of people who want to grow spiritually and connect with others at PGBC. All ministries are centered around the Word of God and the Purpose and goals of PGBC. Whether you want to study a specific topic, or if you're looking for a ministry with others just like you, or aren't really sure yet, we'll help you find a group. 


 Group ministries are small groups made up of 5 to 12 people who want to grow spiritually and connect with others at PGBC. It may be a discipleship ministry that take us deeper into our relationships with God and each other. It may be a mens' group, women's group, mother and toddler group, or something else. In a group ministry, youll meet with friends, grow closer to one another, find encouragement and grow in your personal relationship with Jesus Christ. 


Group ministries study the scripture, figure out what it means to love our neighbors and reach out to others who are not connected. Its a place for those of us who still need to grow, who need a place to ask questions and who need encouragement when life gets tough. Group ministries are safe, confidential space where members care and support each other.

They are for real people living real life. 


What is the Pathway to Leadership at PGBC?

We enjoy seeing both experienced and new leaders emerge into the leadership structure at PGBC. We ask newcomers to demonstrate consistent attendance at PGBC and complete the membership process prior to moving into leadership. 


Serve Teams are small groups that meet a variety of practical needs of the church. Youll spend time serving together while building community. Choose a team based on your interest. Most areas have first-serve opportunities, so you can try them out before making a commitment. 


How Do I Identify My Spiritual Gifts?

We know that finding your place in the church can sometimes be difficult, so we offer a class called Spiritual Gifts to help you understand and identify how God has uniquely gifted you and how those gifts can be best used in the Body of Christ. 


What If I Need Help Understanding Basic Christian Beliefs?

If you are new to the faith and don't feel grounded in what you believe or why, we recommend that you attend the Foundations of Faith class/New Members Class. This class in basic Christianity helps you grasp the existence of God, the authority of scripture, how sin entered the world, who Jesus is, the impact of His death and resurrection and understanding of the Trinity

(Father, Son, and Holy Spirit). 


PGBC 411

Is an informative, comprehensive class/luncheon designed to help you learn the mission, strategy and heart of PGBC. You can hear the history of the church and learn more about who we are, and what we believe.  

Although this class/luncheon is the first step toward membership, attendance does not commit you to join the church.  

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